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The Benefits of Wearing Braces

As your son or daughter grows their body transforms in a variety of different ways. This also includes shedding their 20 primary teeth to make room for the 32 permanent teeth that will need to serve them for the rest of their lives. A healthy mouth is of utmost importance, and alignment issues can seriously impair the ability for them to maintain a healthy mouth, while also leaving them feeling self-conscious about their smile.

There are a few different problems that wearing braces can address. In many cases, Dr. Sandor will install braces to correct an alignment or over-crowding issue in your child’s mouth. If they had a baby tooth extracted early due to advanced tooth decay or a fracture, it increases the chances of these problems developing.

Malocclusion, which is an overbite or under-bite where their upper or lower jaw is larger or is positioned out of alignment from the other, is another issue that can be addressed with braces. This can seriously impair a person’s ability to chew and may lead to several other problems.

How far the teeth are out of alignment or how much of an over or under-bite there is greatly influence how long a person will need to wear braces. Often, though, treatment is completed in less than 18 months.

If you are interested in exploring how braces can improve the function and appearance of your child’s mouth, you should call Sandor Family Dentistry at 732-462-8877 to schedule an appointment.

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