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Sleep Apnea and Dental Solutions

Disturbed and irregular sleep is considered as one of the most common and prevalent issues for patients all over the world. however, there are several factors, causes, and symptoms associated with sleep disturbance, and one of them is known as Sleep Apnea. The condition of Sleep apnea usually arises when a person is in a condition and state of a deep sleep, but due to several factors, he gets short of breaths leading to suffocation and excessive snoring of the individual, resulting in sudden awakening with a jerk. Numerous factors have been considered to be associated with Sleep apnea and doctors, physicians, as well as medical researchers, have been working upon the relationship between Sleep apnea, symptoms arise due to this and how such disorders can be treated.

One of the most amazing and unusual research has been conducted with this regard, according to which it has been observed that, nowadays, even dentists are capable of treating disorders like Sleep apnea, snoring, etc. The aforementioned fact is difficult to digest, however it has proven to be true as treatment of certain dental diseases and complications might also result in peaceful and continuous sleep of the patient. A research report has revealed that patients who usually perform grinding of teeth while sleeping, have curved edges of their tongue or is enlarged by birth, having narrow airway passages, resulting in sleep disturbances and shortness o breath while sleeping. Such issues can be identified by the dentist if he observes cavities between teeth as well as irregular edges and surfaces of teeth which have been occurred as a result of excessive grinding of teeth. Moreover, it has also been observed that patients who usually have a larger tongue than normal, get laid back while sleeping, resulting in obstruction of the airway passage, and the person will feel shortness of breath leading to sudden awakening.

To treat such type of disorders, dentists have come up with numerous solutions and remedies which can be utilized for treating the patients with sleep disorders due to shortness of breath. Some of these techniques include using a mouth guard, which can be made through customized and personalized measurements, by providing measurements of your tongue, mouth, and nose. This type of guards is usually worn at night during sleep of a person. They consist of a clam which is used to pinch the nose so that passage of air through nostrils could be stopped, and all the air must pass through your mouth forcefully, as well as it also keeps the tongue and jawline in place.

The mouth guards also help in reducing snoring of an individual which usually occurs because of shortness of breath. However, it is important to consider that placement of such mouth guards might be difficult and disturbing for the patient as he feels difficulty in breathing because of this guard, but once the person will get used to the device, the complications and problems will eventually fade away. In addition to mouth guards, some other types of methods are also used for protecting individuals from sleep apnea including CPAP machine which forcefully inserts air into the airway passage and lungs of a person so that any sort of obstruction in airway passage can be removed.

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