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Early Treatment of Tooth Decay Can Prevent Serious Complications

While it’s somewhat rare, there are times when even people with good oral hygiene suffer from tooth decay. When this happens, the cavity can start to spread to compromise more and more of the healthy enamel. In time, it could even start to penetrate the interior structures of the tooth, leading to potentially serious complications. Early detection and treatment at Sandor Family Dentistry can prevent these problems from occurring.

One of the most common courses of treatment for tooth decay is a dental filling.

First, your dentist, Dr. Sandor, will examine the tooth and take a few X-rays to make sure the decay is limited to the tooth enamel. If it has penetrated the interior structures of the tooth, more invasive techniques, like a root canal, might be required.

If the tooth decay is limited to the tooth enamel, Dr. Sandor will numb the gums with Novocain and prepare the area. Then, he will use a drill to remove all the decayed enamel to provide a clear surface for a dental filling.

Once the filling is applied, the cement will be cured and hardened. The filling should effectively repair the tooth for many years.

If you suspect one of your teeth is suffering from tooth decay, you should call 732.462.8877 to schedule an appointment.

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