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All You Need to Know About Dental Bridge Treatment

Are you missing one or more of your permanent teeth? If so, you have many tooth-replacement options that can give you the complete and stunning smile you’re looking for.

Today, our Sandor Family Dentistry team would like to tell you about dental bridges. Dental bridges are made of two dental crowns and one or more false teeth. They permanently replace your missing teeth without the need for surgery and they improve the appearance and the function of your smile.

The treatment involved is easy and painless. It includes the following steps:

Step 1:
First, your dentist will prepare your mouth for the dental bridge by numbing it with a local anesthetic. Then, he will trim the enamel layer of the teeth that will anchor the bridge. This is necessary to make room for the product.
Step 2:
Once your teeth are the right size and shape, your dentist will take an impression of those teeth and will send that impression to the dental lab where your bridge will be created. While you wait, you will be given a temporary bridge so you can chew, speak, and smile normally.
Step 3:
When your bridge is ready, you will come back into our office for your second appointment. During this visit, your dentist will remove the temporary bridge and will cement the new one in its place.

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