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A Dental Implant Can Replace a Missing Tooth

Dental implants have been used more and more in restorative dentistry. This is essentially a two-part piece of dental work: a titanium abutment that is inserted into the existing jawbone and a dental crown.

Titanium is the ideal metal for the abutment as it known to be biologically safe. In time, the implanted abutment will fuse to bone structure of your jaw in a process known as osseointegration.

To install the abutment, your dentist, Dr. Sandor, will refer you to an oral surgeon who will drill a narrow channel into the corresponding bone in your jaw. The titanium abutment will be inserted, your gums will be sutured and a hard, plastic, temporary crown will be secured over it.

Once the abutment has fused with your natural bone structure, Dr. Sandor will take an impression of the abutment to fit you for a crown. The crown will be custom crafted at a professional dental lab.

The material that Dr. Sandor recommends for the crown will be based on the tooth’s prevalence in your smile and its primary function. Porcelain crowns are often recommended for a tooth in your smile while gold and base-metal-alloy crowns can be used for durable back teeth.

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